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13 March 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Teaching/Worship Textfessional

Yeah, I know, I know.  I gotta get back to the video stuff.  But as far as services, our video camera isn’t working, and the churches seems to be missing the power adapter/battery charger.  And I don’t feel like doing the iMovie thing right now…I need a haircut.  So you get this. As you may […]

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13 March 2008 ~ 2 Comments

The Sleeping Giant Awakes

Thursday morning.Meeting for coffee w/Ryan Lipert.I walk out the front door.The ground and the world around is glistening with wetness.A light spring rain falls gently from the Northern California sky.As I walk toward my car I notice an unfamiliar whiteness about my car.Wet toilet paper covers my black Honda Civic. To the culprit.I will find […]

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11 March 2008 ~ 1 Comment

Changing Culture Through Design

Every week, Randy Elrod hosts ‘Water Cooler Wednesday.’  A blog carnival of sorts for posting about culture and arts.  Check it out here. I hadn’t jumped in yet, but then last Thursday I saw this segment on the Today show about SEE: Sweat Equity Enterprises.  An organization that teaches youth how to design for big […]

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11 March 2008 ~ 14 Comments

Blogosphere: Gossip Or News?

Yesterday I blogged about a situation very close to my heart that is happening at Revolution Church, a huge part of my spiritual family.  Today, it is all over the blogoshere.  Some people close to the situation and some not.  People sharing the news.  People expressing pain and disappointment. Obviously I don’t have an issue […]

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10 March 2008 ~ 28 Comments

Anger, Hurt, Hope

Wow.  Long day today.  Led worship in the morning.  Also gave the message.  Jumped in my car and drove to SoCal (in 5.5 hours…impressive) to be with one friend in particular, but several as well walking through some horrible stuff.  Spent lots of time with people praying in homes tonight like I haven’t prayed in […]

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08 March 2008 ~ 2 Comments

My Sacred Pathways

Was trying to get a hold of Sacred Pathways today to get some thoughts for tomorrows message I’m teaching.  Got it referred by Rich. Unfortunately, NOBODY in the the area had it for sale.  But I did find a test online to find out my Sacred Pathways.  The idea is that we all have different […]

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06 March 2008 ~ 14 Comments

Blackberry Sucks…I Want An iPhone

This post is just my quick irritated rant.  Feel free to skip.  Or better yet, if you are a Blackberry owner, tell me if I am alone.  Especially if you’re a Blackberry owner with a Mac. I could write for days, so I’ll give the way readers digest version. Get T-mobile service with Blackberry 8100.Experience […]

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06 March 2008 ~ 2 Comments

Twitter…And Other Stuff…In Plain English

OK.  So yeah, since joining the bandwagon, I’ve had a few posts on Twitter.  However, as I’ve talked with some friends, they still don’t see the value.  I’m sure the reason for this isn’t that there is no value, but I must not have explained very well how to use it. So, today I came […]

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04 March 2008 ~ 7 Comments

The Heritage Of Hymns

I was having coffee this morning with an amazing couple from our church.  God has birthed in them a growing passion to reach out to the builder generation and the retiring boomers to help them see their continuing value in the body of Christ and his work. We got to talking about music styles and […]

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01 March 2008 ~ 4 Comments

Happy Blogiversary To Me

That’s right.  just a quick check in today to celebrate.  Three years ago on March 1st this blog was born.  And lots about it has changed in that time.  Maybe some more thoughts on that next week if I feel so inclined. A couple real fast and easy stats.  In the past three years there […]

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