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Blackberry Sucks…I Want An iPhone

This post is just my quick irritated rant.  Feel free to skip.  Or better yet, if you are a Blackberry owner, tell me if I am alone.  Especially if you’re a Blackberry owner with a Mac.

I could write for days, so I’ll give the way readers digest version.

Get T-mobile service with Blackberry 8100.
Experience excitement because Ive always wanted a Blackberry to try and organize my life.
Within 8 months or so, I start to have issues with the phone.
1 happens when MyFaves on phone don’t match system.  Not necessarily a Blackberry fault yet, but throw it in because T-Mobile customer service sucked, spoke to several rude agents, and was forced to drive 40 minutes to nearest authorized dealer to fix it.
Sorry, back to Blackberry issue.
Blackberry starts turning itself off at random times and in middle of conversations.
They have me reinstall new software.
Still has jacked buttons so they replace it.
New phone comes.
Now the real fun begins.
Get all my numbers and info in it.
Within weeks it gives me a JVM error and erases everything.
So I start over.
Less than a week later we go to Tahoe with staff.
On the way there…yup – JVM error.  But this time the phone won’t even turn on.
I call T-Mobile.
Once again reinstall new software.
Seems to be working now.
That was somewhere in the vicinity of a month or so ago.
A few days ago – JVM error.  But it only wipes out my call logs. So I keep using it.
Today – you guessed it – JVM error.
All my numbers, pictures, calendar, etc – gone.
Call T-Mobile.  Call goes something like this:

Agent: It was a JVM error?
Bobby: Yes.
A:  Then it’s a software issue.  you need to reinstall the software again.
B:  The first phone never did this.  This one’s done it multiple times in 2 months.  But you’re telling me it has nothing to do with the phone?
A:  It’s not a hardware issue.  It’s software.  It happens.  You may have downloaded something corrupted, like a game.
B:  I don’t download anything.
A:  It could even be a corrupted text message.  That’s why Blackberry’s are so good, they give you the software so you can replace it.
B:  They would be better if it didn’t happen in the first place.
A:  I’ve had 3 Blackberry’s and I’ve had to reinstall software within weeks because of JVM errors before as well.
B:  On all of them?
A:  On 2 out of the 3.
B:  So what you’re telling me is Blackberry just isn’t a stable device in general.
A:  No, if that were the case I wouldn’t keep using Blackberry’s.  The good thing is you can reinstall the software.
B:  So how many times do I have to have it crash and lose my info before you guys will do something about it like replace my phone?
A:  There is no number.  It’s not a hardware issue.  All you can do is install new software.
B:  Your product sucks.  I’ll just wait till it does it again and I’ll be calling you again.
A:  OK.  Go ahead and do that.

I’m done with Blackberry.
I’m really done with T-Mobile.
Has anyone else with a Blackberry had these JVM issues?
Or am I just special?

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