06 March 2008 ~ 2 Comments

Twitter…And Other Stuff…In Plain English

OK.  So yeah, since joining the bandwagon, I’ve had a few posts on Twitter.  However, as I’ve talked with some friends, they still don’t see the value.  I’m sure the reason for this isn’t that there is no value, but I must not have explained very well how to use it.

So, today I came across a great video explanation at Nate’s blog.  Twitter in plain english.  I was once Carla.  I was the skeptic.  Now the believer.  Watch and understand:

There ya have it.  Even if you don’t sign up, at least you get it.
Do you Twitter, yet?

Oh and for those of you who missed this in the past, or still don’t understand the whole RSS thang, be sure to check out this video, a reposting from the past.  I would have to rank this as way more important than Twitter when it all comes down to it.  Enjoy:

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