11 March 2008 ~ 14 Comments

Blogosphere: Gossip Or News?

Yesterday I blogged about a situation very close to my heart that is happening at Revolution Church, a huge part of my spiritual family.  Today, it is all over the blogoshere.  Some people close to the situation and some not.  People sharing the news.  People expressing pain and disappointment.

Obviously I don’t have an issue with sharing the situation with you all as my community.  I don’t have a problem with the other bloggers either.  However, as I processed all this with some people, it brought up an interesting topic for discussion here.

What is the difference between news and gossip?

Where is the line where sharing information goes from one to the other?
Does it have to do with individual?
Can news for one person be gossip for another, and vice versa?

We watch the 6 o’clock news and here about the missing person, the robbery down the street, the retirement of a sports figure, and the kid who’s doing something significant in his highschool for the feel good story.
We see it all and view it as news.
We pick up a magazine that shares about the lives of stars, who’s dating who, and what their next project is.
We tend to refer to this information as gossip.

So where is the line that something goes from being news to being gossip?
An interesting and important question I think with the nature of the blogoshpere and a new and growing medium for the sharing of news and feelings.

Play nice.

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