11 March 2008 ~ 1 Comment

Changing Culture Through Design

Every week, Randy Elrod hosts ‘Water Cooler Wednesday.’  A blog carnival of sorts for posting about culture and arts.  Check it out here.

I hadn’t jumped in yet, but then last Thursday I saw this segment on the Today show about SEE: Sweat Equity Enterprises.  An organization that teaches youth how to design for big name firms.  Check it out:

How cool is that?!  At Recreate we talked a lot this year about what it looks like to create the culture that people live in.  I thought this was an amazing picture of how one guy has taken all these teens and helped them take their talents and literally create a huge part of the culture.

One of the things that came to mind as I watched this was how we as a church need to be doing this.  And by that I don’t mean just identifying people’s gifts and helping them develop them to use for our church programs.  Rather, what would it look like if we affirmed the God given talents in people and sent them into the secular world to be extraordinary at waht they do, to influence the people around them, and ultimately to create the culture we are aiming to reach?

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