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20 September 2011 ~ 2 Comments

Gungor Gets Five Stars

Every so often I get emails asking if I want an album to review.  I often say no.  Partially because it’s just not what I want my blog to be all about.  Partially cause one of the things that drives me nuts about ‘Christian music’ (aside from the delineation in the first place, but that’s […]

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20 December 2010 ~ 2 Comments

Album Review – Chris Tomlin/And If Our God Is For Us

So a few months back I received a copy of Tomlin’s new album, And If Our God Is For Us to review here on the blog. I had intended to post it the week before Thanksgiving, just after the album came out, and then life got crazy. So I’m a little late on this one, […]

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12 June 2009 ~ 6 Comments

What Is “That Song”

Some of y'all follow Los' blog.Yesterday, on this post, he asked this question: What is the current song, that when the band begins to lead, accelerates you to a closer place with God? I’m fairly certain it is a different song than your worship leader thinks of. Great question.And lots of answers there.I could sit […]

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03 April 2009 ~ 2 Comments

The Autumn Film In Santa Cruz

So last night I rolled down to The Catalyst for the first time along with Ryan.  An old friend from Revolution has this band called The Autumn Film.  They were supposed to play at 9pm.  We got there and found out the show was pushed back to 10:30. Sorry.  I gotta sleep. Got to say […]

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26 January 2009 ~ 7 Comments

New Music

I have a bunch of money in the form of iTunes gift cards from Christmas.So school me friends.What new music do I HAVE to be listening to? (And if it's country, don't even bother suggesting it.  Sorry Kevin.)

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15 January 2009 ~ 0 Comments

The Next Life Stage Of A Song

Almost a year ago I posted a recording of a song I had written for a service at CLC.  I used it for a songwriting workshop at Recreate and then invited you to give me your critiques.To see that post and see what people had to say, check it out here. Well, I reworked it […]

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26 June 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Delirious – Live – Now!

2pm-4pm.That’s now.Come see Delirious live at my Mogulus page.Let’s worship! *UPDATE – Delirious? is looping along with Brenton Brown now.  Enjoy!

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04 March 2008 ~ 7 Comments

The Heritage Of Hymns

I was having coffee this morning with an amazing couple from our church.  God has birthed in them a growing passion to reach out to the builder generation and the retiring boomers to help them see their continuing value in the body of Christ and his work. We got to talking about music styles and […]

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28 February 2008 ~ 10 Comments

Be My Simon Cowell

Alright friends, so here’s the deal. Several weeks ago, for the last day of Re:create, I got to participate in a bonus session at EMI records with some songwriters and publishers.  As part of that workshop, we were all invited to bring an original song of our own that the group, us and one of […]

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02 January 2008 ~ 3 Comments

Shuffled iPod

As we were driving home last night, we thought we’d throw my iPod on shuffle and just see what came up.  I was reminded of some posts at Phil‘s tumblelog where he would share the last 5 songs played on his iPod.  With no clue what would come, i thought I’d give you a peek […]

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