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25 May 2013 ~ 0 Comments


Last month we had a great conversation about art & faith.  I posted a recap over here on our church blog. Tonight we’re getting together to talk about resting. Sabbath. Or as I like to say, creating margin in our lives. Ever seen a paper that looks anything like this? Margin is the white space […]

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23 November 2012 ~ 1 Comment

Thanksgiving 2012 – Caleb’s Prayer

Dear Caleb, I’m writing this to you the day after Thanksgiving. You probably won’t remember a lot about last night.  I’ll probably forget details over the years, so here’s something for you to read years from now to hear the story, and something to help friends and family share in your journey today. Last night, […]

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17 September 2012 ~ 0 Comments


Caleb’s prayer:  God, today was a bad day, but I guess it was a little good.  Thank you for the things that we have that other kids don’t have.  Please help all those kids and keep them safe. My prayer: God, thanks for glimpses of you at work in our kids. (Especially to keep us […]

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10 May 2011 ~ 0 Comments

The Monastery Of Parenting

Just read this as I was hanging out with Jesus this morning: Joy or sadness, war or peace, love or hate, purity of impurity, charity or greed, all are tremendous realities which are the hinges of our interior life.  Everyday things, relationships with other people, daily work, love of our family – all these may […]

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23 February 2011 ~ 2 Comments

To Be, Or Not To Be…Like “Them”

Earlier today I came across this post in some of my blog catching up.  This particular quote from Tim Keller about doing ministry in a post-Christian culture really grabbed me. Tim Keller: “My understanding of how you reach a culture is Christians have to be extremely like the people around them, and yet at the […]

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31 December 2010 ~ 2 Comments

2011…A Clean Slate?

I’ve never been one for making a big deal about the New Year. I mean, really there’s nothing actually that different from December 31st to January 1st, right? The earth is still orbiting the sun at the same rate and we just choose to mark a full revolution that day or something, right? Maybe that’s […]

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22 October 2010 ~ 3 Comments

“House Of Worship”

Cheesy title, but I stole it from NBC. Rachel caught this segment on NBC Nightly News last night and saved it on our DVR for me. House churches. It’s not exactly what we’re doing, but it’s a whole lot closer than the traditional model of church that most are familiar with. At a time when […]

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18 October 2010 ~ 0 Comments

God? What Do You Want?

Several months ago I was sitting at a coffee shop sharing about our dreams and plans for Missio Dei Community with a friend. As we were chatting and I was honestly sharing my excitement and my fears, she asked a very interesting question. “Are you 100% sure this is what God is calling you to […]

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27 February 2010 ~ 4 Comments

Commit Yourself

I read this tonight. It’s the Shakertown Pledge. Written in 1973. Recognizing that Earth and the fullness thereof is a gift from our gracious God, and that we are called to cherish, nurture, and provide loving stewardship for Earth’s resources, and recognizing that life itself is a gift, and a call to responsibility, joy, and […]

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09 February 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Being Rather Than Doing

Typically I end my day from Recreate with a recap of the day and the speakers with some pictures and videos to bring you along for the ride. Screw that. Don’t worry. I’ll catch you up at some point. But tonight, instead of the details of the facts, let me quickly update you on another […]

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