23 February 2011 ~ 2 Comments

To Be, Or Not To Be…Like “Them”

Earlier today I came across this post in some of my blog catching up.  This particular quote from Tim Keller about doing ministry in a post-Christian culture really grabbed me.

Tim Keller:
“My understanding of how you reach a culture is Christians have to be extremely like the people around them, and yet at the same time extremely unlike them… If Christians are not unlike they won’t challenge the culture, but if they’re not like, they won’t persuade the culture. Now, hitting that middle ground is hard.”

I think that’s where we’re living in a lot of ways, personally and corporately, as we blaze a path clumsily (at times) discover the path for Missio Dei as a community.

Many of our churches over the past number of years have emphasized the importance of being extremely unlike the people around us while forgetting about our many commonalities.
Of course, some others have swung the other way and can become completely like the culture without retaining the marks that set us apart as well.
The former has been more of my experience.

Point is, the quote resonated and got me thinking today.  Figuring out the balance is messy, and it’s the most exciting journey to be on at the some time.

How about you?
Do you agree or disagree with Keller?
Whether you are a church-goer or not, what has your experience been, and what positive or negative affects have you seen as a result?

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