22 October 2010 ~ 3 Comments

“House Of Worship”

Cheesy title, but I stole it from NBC.
Rachel caught this segment on NBC Nightly News last night and saved it on our DVR for me.
House churches.
It’s not exactly what we’re doing, but it’s a whole lot closer than the traditional model of church that most are familiar with.
At a time when I know a bunch of pastors who are struggling financially to keep churches afloat, it does pose some interesting thoughts as to another option for how finances can be used and what a community of faith can look like.  Not the only option, but another one.
Check out the segment:

I’ll share more thoughts next week that have been rattling around my dome this week about alternative ways of doing church and being the church.
Interesting to see the nature of this particular church in the story and the commentators perspectives on church.
But for now, what thinks you?

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