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Last month we had a great conversation about art & faith.  I posted a recap over here on our church blog.

Tonight we’re getting together to talk about resting.
Or as I like to say, creating margin in our lives.
Ever seen a paper that looks anything like this?

Margin is the white space between the writing and the edge of the page.
As trusty Wikipedia says, it defines where the test starts and stops.
When I think of my life as a page, I know I have the tendency to want to fill up every last white space I can.  That’s the most efficient way, right?  Then I get the most use out of it!
Except when a page doesn’t leave any margin, not only is it ugly, it’s nearly impossible to read.
In a Twitter age, it’s bad enough if you expect anyone to read more than 140 characters.

I want margin in my life.
When I don’t have it, it effects my family life.
My work quality.
My spiritual depth.

I need margin in my life.
I think we all do.
Tonight, we’ll see who agrees with me.
And hopefully brainstorm some of the enemies of margin and consider how we can win some back.
Disagree? Feel free to come and be the contrarian.
Seriously though, all are welcome. You’re invited. 

In the meantime (or after the fact), do share…
What are some of the enemies of rest and margin in your life?

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