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14 February 2007 ~ 2 Comments

Valentines Day

    V.    So, for Valentines day, I thought it would be nice to take my wife out for a movie, after coming home with some flowers, chocolate, and a card.  (Thank you Steph for watching Caleb!)  So I figured, "Hey, it’s Valentines Day.  How about a nice romantic comedy chick flick that Rachel […]

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12 February 2007 ~ 0 Comments

India Team Is Off

Yesterday at all three services we prayed over and comissioned our 2007 India Team.  They are currently on their way to Southern India to spend two weeks ministering to the people there.  I had the privledge of going on this trip with the first team we took over there as a church about a year […]

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10 February 2007 ~ 1 Comment


I really miss that good southern food from Re:create.  Now it’s back to microwave pizza and milk.  I may go back next year just for the food alone!

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08 February 2007 ~ 2 Comments

Re:create – Day 4

Well friends, today was the final day of Re:create.  tomorrow there is an extra trip to EMI records, but considering the amount of sleep I’ve missed out on and the amount of work I need to do, I may very well be bailin out on that.  So here’s the highlights of day four…and what an […]

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08 February 2007 ~ 1 Comment


If nothing else, I was here this week to be here this afternoon.    That’s Leeland (18) on the guitar with his brother Jack (21) and their father on keys.  This kid has an amazing gift.  He led me into some of the deepest, most intimate worship time with Jesus that I have experienced in […]

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08 February 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Lonely in Nash Vegas

I was already missing my wife and son when I got the picture of them missin me: Then I got to iChat with Rachel and she had Caleb with her.  It was great to see him, but it really just made me miss him even more cause I wanted to reach through the screen and […]

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08 February 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Pimpin Some Music

So, clearly I have inundated you all with a whole lot of music the last several days.  if you are re:create attender, you’ve heard even more music over the last several days.  But since we already have the theme going, I figured I’d roll with the southern Christian rock thing and talk about an old […]

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07 February 2007 ~ 1 Comment

Re:create – Day 3

Whew…another day down and I am WIPED!  i have got to find some time to sleep.  i guess now would be good, but I can’t sacrifice the update, so I’ll just have to blaze through it.  Food All I can say about that is WOW…they know how to feed us well here!  I’ve pretty much […]

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07 February 2007 ~ 5 Comments

Mac Powell and Mark Lee

Short clip, but enjoy.  I sure did!   

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06 February 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Re:create – Day 2

Day two is over…here’s what it looked like: Morning worship with Mark Roach Dang it…i couldn’t get out of bed.  I’m sure it was great. Dean Batali Dean Batali hosted the first session this morning that lasted til lunch.  Dean is a writer in Hollywood who has worked on "That 70’s Show" and "Buffy" as […]

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