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16 February 2010 ~ 3 Comments


Allow me to briefly share with you the highlight of my week at Recreate. Soon after I’ll fill you in on more of the week. Today is the release date for an album called Beautiful Things from a band called Gungor. Formerly Michael Gungor Band. Truth is, I wasn’t really looking all that forward to […]

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10 February 2010 ~ 1 Comment

Reason 14567 Recreate Rocks…

Being in a room where I get to be way out of my league. After high school I moved to Orange County to join The Young Americans. I had spent 6 years in choirs at my school and doing theater. In some ways, I had become one of the “big fish” in the pond. When […]

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09 February 2010 ~ 0 Comments

…The Desire To Please You Does In Fact Please You

I’ve had this poem up on a tab on my internet for the past month or so. I was waiting to post it in the next couple of weeks when I start posting more about our church planting journey. I read it and it hit me right between the eyes because it expressed so well […]

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08 February 2010 ~ 3 Comments

Recreate ’10 Begins

I flew in to Nashville airport at 3:35pm and my week at Recreate has begun. Only in Nashville would you pass by 2 live music venues in the airport. My friend Mark picked me up and we made our way over to Puckett’s Grocery for the opening evening, arriving a bit early. After we arrived, […]

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13 February 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Kalein – Dream Big

Thursday afternoon at Recreate.  Perhaps the most inspiring and challenging afternoon in as long as I can remember.  Something about it just hit me.  Grabbed me.  Moved me. Kalein – A Greek word used in the New Testament (I believe only once).  It’s meaning: calling.  It’s underlying nuance: beauty.  The beauty of your calling.  Thus […]

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11 February 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Recreate: Day 3

Allow me to bang out a couple posts to finish with my Recreate updates. Thursday was by far the most amazing day on a personal level at Recreate.  Nathan had a great recap where he referred to it as the best morning in Recreate history.  It began with a visit from Mark Stuart, lead singer […]

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09 February 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Day 2 Hightlights – Part 2

Lane Motor Museum On Wednesday afternoon we all visited Lane Motor Museum in Nashville for an exercise in creativity.  As we showed up we had some time to look around and enjoy looking at some very interesting vehicles like these: Or this one that burned coal above the front tires for fuel: Randy’s daughter had […]

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08 February 2008 ~ 6 Comments

Mac Advertisement

At EMI records today in a songwriting workshop.This is some amazing stuff we’re hearing.On another note, I had a similar post to this last year.How many Apple laptops can you find in this picture taken today at EMI in a room of worship leaders?

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07 February 2008 ~ 1 Comment

Jesus Painting

Today (Thursday) was definitely the most personally enriching and impactful day of Recreate this year.  I’m wiped after a long and taxing day, so I need to crash.  I’ll share more later.  But to get a small glimpse in the meantime, take a peek at our communion time with Mike Lewis, Mark Roach, and Mark […]

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07 February 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Day 2 Highlights – Part 1

A little behind.  I’ll post some highlights for each day over the next few posts to catch up.  So much has happened, I can’t even come close to hitting it all, so why try?  Eh? Dr. Thom Parham This guy is part of the WGA and a film professor at my wife’s alma mater, Azusa […]

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