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Re:create – Day 4

Well friends, today was the final day of Re:create.  tomorrow there is an extra trip to EMI records, but considering the amount of sleep I’ve missed out on and the amount of work I need to do, I may very well be bailin out on that.  So here’s the highlights of day four…and what an AMAZING day it was:

Rick Dempsey
Rickdempsey_2_1Rick is the V.P. of Disney films who has spent the past several years focusing upon character quality and the preservation and restoration of the Disney brand name.  He was there to talk with us about branding.  He shared some of the keys to branding in general and specifically at Disney.  he then transitioned to talk about the branding of the church as  whole and what we should be branded by.  Fun conversation.  here’s a few fun facts and info about Disney’s new strategies with their movies:

New Disney Movies Strategy

  • Emphasizing the Disney brand
  • Movie guidelines
    • No bad language
    • No gratuitous violence
    • No sexual content

2007 Movie Release Dates  the ones that interested me anyway

  • Pirates 3 – May 25
  • Nightmare Before Christmas…in 3D!!! – October 19
  • Enchanted – November 21
  • National Treasure 2 – December 21

We were able to see a trailer and a scene from the movie Enchanted.  I have to go see that movie, and  you should too.  It looks hilarious!

Leeland & Cyndi Mooring

Well you already heard a little about worshipping with Leeland.  That was an anointed time of worship and it rocked.  So was the rest of the afternoon.  Leelands mom, Cyndi, came to talk with us about what it looks like to be a good parent and raising a child, specifically one that is an artist.

This is one special family, and clearly two great parents in Cyndi and Todd.  they shared their stories of traveling full time and singing in churches around the country as a family.  They also shared the first song that Leeland ever wrote.  Check it out, and most importantly, be sure to listen at the end when they ask how old he was when he wrote this:


Man the spirit was thick in that room the whole time.  I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing several times as we took moments to worship and to be prayed over.  Here were a couple of REALLY great quotes from that session:

  • They didn’t shield us from the hard times.  You can never know how mighty God is until you know how mighty a problem is that he needs to overcome.
    -Jack discussing the things he learned about faith as they prayed and trusted in God to take care of them as a family.)
  • You can’t take your house to heaven, you can’t take your luggage to heaven, you can’t take your stuff to heaven, but you can take your children.
  • We have an awesome responsibility to pass on what God’s done in our lives to them.  Then they will pass it on to their kids, and them to their kids, and you’ve left a legacy.


Took some time as Re:create attenders only to chat with Randy for a while to hear about his dreams and what he is doing now as well as to discuss how the conference could be even better next year.  you will probably hear a bit more about Randy Elrod and his dreams here in the future.  this guys is an amazing visionary, artist, encourager, and all around inspiring person and I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet him here.  For a sneak peek of some really awesome things to come, check this out.

It was also really cool to be at a place where instead of having some lame evaluation form that may or may not be looked at, we were able to sit and openly and honestly share what we’d like to see more of in the future.  This is definitely a unique and special annual gathering.

Dinner and New Song Cafe

We all had dinner at someone’s house…yeah, all 100 of us!  Did I mention it was a GORGEOUS mansion?  As a sidenote, the guy who owns the house is the inventor of the evangecube!  I think that’s hilarious for some reason.  Check it out:




After an amazing dinner, we sat down all together in the main room of the house for a time of songwriters from EMI and Worship Together sharing some of their new songs.  the artists were Leeland Mooring, Matt Maher, and Brenton Brown.


After they shared some songs they wrote, which of course we got chord charts for, we decided to just finish off with like 20 minutes of worship.  Again, the worship was absolutely amazing!  I think some of the best worship times in my life have been with a bunch of friends in a packed out living room.  It was an awesome evening.  I’m sure you’ll recognize a song or two from these guys, and enjoy the tail end of our worship time:


Day four definitely turned out to be the best full day of all of them.  And there you have it.  The trip was great, and I’m sure I’ll give some closing general thoughts on the conference.  Sorry for a couple of long posts this week, but if you’re still with me, good for you.  Thanks for sharing the journey with me.  And to all you Re:create bloggers who are now reading, thanks for joining the longer journey.  I hope you stick around and hang out with us here for a while.

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