11 September 2008 ~ 2 Comments

Christ My Captain?

So, a lot of you probably saw this video here and/or here in the past couple days.  "A renewed mind is the key…"  Come on, sing along!  If you missed it go check it out.  Make sure you watch at 1:50 in when you get the dance break cross between John Travolta in Pulp Fiction and Michael Jackson…kinda.

Well, I found that there is one more video by the same group, so I thought I'd get that one to you as well.
Check it out:

HT: The House Of Hunt

I was trying to find out more about this group, and I confess I haven't found anything online yet, but it was interesting when I Googled The Way International.  If the lyrics seemed a bit odd to you Christ-followers out there, it my shed some light if they are part of the same The Way International as the religion/cult.

Looks like a group that kinda combines the beliefs of several, including Jehovah's witness and a whacked out Pentecostal.  The most important thing to note would be their belief that Jesus was not God, nor is the Holy Spirit.  Pretty interesting to read about.  Go check it out.

And if you can find any more about this performance group, let us know!
Maybe we can see them on tour nearby!!

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