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Kony 2012 – Lesson #3

This part of a 5 part series I’ve been posting on some thoughts and learnings I’ve had through The whole Kony 2012 phenomenon.

Part 1: Facebook sucks…
Part 2: Don’t make it personal.


If you have an idea, go for it…you never know what could happen.

I was watching another video of Jason being interviewed on Today Show in Australia.  I found it interesting that in it he mentioned that their goal for the video was to have 500,000 people see it over the course of the year.  As of me writing this almost 80 million people have seen it.

Too often we are moved by something, perhaps even want to do something about it, but figure we couldn’t really pull much off.
9 years ago when these guys came across an issue that moved them in Uganda, they probably imagined that they would ever reach the level of impact that they already have.
But they did something.
And it became bigger then they would have ever imagined.
And even before they got news out to millions of people, it was with it for those who they were able to help.

Recently my brother-in-law shared this news story he saw that hit him like a sledge hammer to the chest.
It’s about a Syrian baby that dies in the hospital while they are there.
It’s kinda graphic.  You’ve been warned:

He knew he had to do something.
Doesn’t know what that looks like, but for now, he’s putting together a website to at least share it and gather intercessory prayer.
I can’t wait to see what God does with it.

I talked to a good friend and mentor of mine the other day.
His name is Boomer.
He and his wife are in the process of starting a non-profit for global social justice issues.
The idea is to commission and gather artists to use their talents to make a difference.
Another one I’m excited to hear about as it comes together.

So what has moved you lately?
What ideas and dreams do you have that  you’ve pushed aside?
What cause or issue have you come across that you felt like you had to do something about?
Go for it.
Cause it’s better to try something than to do nothing.

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