13 March 2012 ~ 2 Comments

Kony 2012 – Lesson #2

I posted Lesson #1 yesterday.
Already failed.  Apparently I hadn’t successfully separated Twitter and Facebook.
They are now divorced.

Second thing that came to mind was less of a learning and I guess more of a reminder…

When people disagree with you, they seem to insist on making it personal.

What’s up with that?!
Some of the almost direct quotes I read (cause I’m not going to go look them all up)…

“… hipsters making themselves feel better…”
“…using this horrible situation to increase their own influence and finances.”
“…white people in acid washed jeans talking about Africa…can’t get their own priorities straight.”

So at the risk of sounding like I’m doing some form of name dropping…cause I’m not…I would call Jason Russell an acquaintance.
Nevermind, I call everyone a friend.  Even people I know less than him.  He’s a friend.
We did some theater theater together at CCT down in San Diego when I was in high school.
His dad, Paul, is the founder of CYT, an organization I grew up participating in and now work for and I would call Paul a friend.
Point is, I know several members of the family.
All that to say it’s easy to make generalizations and negative comments when you don’t know somebody.  I know them well enough to confidently say that they are great people with great hearts doing the best they can to make a difference.  And in the process, doing a lot more than most others.

Perhaps that’s why it bothered me so much and I kept feeling this need to defend them.

Landing point today…
I can live with people disagreeing with methodology.
Don’t think a movie is the best way fo raising awareness?  Fair enough.  Find a better way and do it.
Think there are bigger fish to fry?  Fair enough.  Go champion those causes.
But today when you come across someone you disagree with, there’s no need to slander them or their character in the process.
Have a discussion about methodology and principles, but don’t assume to know the intentions of someone else’s heart.
Be nice people.

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