12 March 2012 ~ 6 Comments

Kony 2012 – Lesson #1

Unless you were living under a world wide web rock, there’s a good chance you heard about Kony 2012 last week.
If you missed it, here’s the video that caused quite a stir.
I recommend checking it out.  Well worth the 30 minutes.

This week, I decided to share a blog series on some things I learned or reflections I pondered as a result of the video and all that surrounded it.
And the first one has absolutely nothing to do with kids in Africa, Invisible Children, or Joseph Kony…

Lesson #1: Facebook Can Be Toxic To My Soul

For reason’s I’ll get into later in the week, I liked the video, I liked the cause, and I am a supporter of Invisible Children.
As with anything that happens these days, everyone has their own opinions.  And they aren’t always friendly in how they communicate them.
I spent a good portion of my online time last week commenting on negative posts about the video.  I felt like I had this need to defend them.
Not every post that disagreed with them was rude, so don’t assume that cause I commented on your status I think you’re a jerk.  Different opinions are OK.
Again, I’ll get into that later in the week.

But with all that it became clear how emotionally taxing something as stupid as being on Facebook was for me.
Now don’t hear what I’m not saying!
I’m not saying that Facebook itself is toxic.
As with most any tool, it can be good, or it can be negative, and most of the time it’s a little of both.
But for myself, I kinda reached my limit.
So I decided I’m gonna get kinda crazy.

I didn’t give anything up for Lent or anything, but hey…better late than never.
So I’m gonna take a break from Facebook til after Easter.
Would probably be smarter this year if I just took a break til November 7th!

Now there are a few small exceptions…

  • Messages
    There are people who contact me through Facebook or that I can only reach by Facebook.  I’ve reconfigured my notifications so I’ll get an email of any messages I get through Facebook.
  • Blog Posts
    I’m not taking a break from social media, just Facebook.  That’s the one for me personally right now that seems to suck my time and energy away.  I may still Twitter on occasion.  I’ve disconnected my Twitter from Facebook for this time so you won’t see them there.
    I plan to return to being a better blogger during that time, and the reality is hardly anyone comes over here from the RSS feed anymore.  So I’ll keep it posting on Facebook to let people know when I post.  But I’ll mention on each one, don’t comment on it at Facebook.  You won’t get an answer, at least not til April 9th.  Comment right here on the blog and let’s chat together here.
  • Work/Ministry Pages
    I may use it on occasion just to update things I need to for Missio Dei Community and CYT.

There ya have it.
Facebook, see ya in about a month.

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