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31 December 2006 ~ 0 Comments

Bachelor Party Weekend

That’s how I spent my weekend.  My really good friend Chris Hoff is getting married this coming Saturday and I am way honored and blessed to be a part of his wedding party.  So this past weekend we threw him his bachelor party. Now I know you traditionally aren’t supposed to share all about bachelor […]

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30 December 2006 ~ 1 Comment

Bonfire Anyone?

So, who wants to have a bonfire next week?  I know I might cruise out with some people Monday night or somethin, but as you can see, I’ve probably got enough wood for a couple, and it all has gots to go next week!!  So if you want some free wood, speak up now!!  Or […]

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29 December 2006 ~ 1 Comment

Eleanor Mae Dickson

Welcome to the world!  I got to go today to visit Keith and Liana Dickson who finally had their baby girl arrive yesterday afternoon.  2:20 p.m.  9lb 12 oz!!  She’s absolutely beautiful!  Keith had recently been sent home to sleep when I stopped by.  It was great to hang with the new mama, hear about […]

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29 December 2006 ~ 3 Comments

An Off Christmas

I love to give gifts.  Really, I enjoy giving gifts more than I enjoy receiving them.  When I get a good gift for Rachel, it rarely makes it until the time when I’m supposed to surprise her with it because I am just way too excited to see her reaction to wait very long.  I […]

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26 December 2006 ~ 2 Comments

Merry Christmas From Big Bear!

Our Christmas day in pictures.  (I had planned to put this up last night, and then lost my internet connection.) Stockings, snowboarding, nap, dinner, presents, guitar hero 2…good day.  I have some fun video of the day too.  Maybe later in the week.  Today, it’s down to San Diego to see my family.  Hope you […]

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23 December 2006 ~ 0 Comments

Christmas Eve Is Comin…

…A very small glimpse into the tons of hard work being put into tomorrows services.  Our volunteers rock! Don’t miss out!

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20 December 2006 ~ 2 Comments

Spag & Lights

So I haven’t been able to post lately because i’ve pretty much been buried with Christmas Eve and, of course, life.  But I’ll try and throw up a couple quickies in the next few days…do some catchin up. Last night our life group had a night out.  We started with 22 of us at spaghetti […]

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15 December 2006 ~ 0 Comments

Sick and Twisted

The other day I pulled into a parking lot to find out about getting free wood by way of pallets from the business next door to the lot I was in.  In the parking lot I happened to notice a hearse that was just chillin there.  Now I’ve noticed several people cruisin in hearses lately […]

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15 December 2006 ~ 2 Comments

Numero Seis

That’s spanish for book number six at inbubblewrap.  This book arrived yesterday: This one looks kinda interesting.  Unfortunately I never did receive Winning which I supposedly won.  Funny thing is, I haven’t entered in a really long time.  In fact I checked and I think this offer is from like October.  Guess what…I’m trying to […]

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13 December 2006 ~ 0 Comments

Weight Loss?

Alright, so yeah I know it’s been forever.  So it’s time to see where I am at now with the weigh.  I’ve been pretty bad in general…eatin candy, drinkin soda, jusnk like that…but i have stuck to my salads for lunch (usually) and that flavored water, errrrr, non-fat milk.  So here’s a quick update on […]

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