20 December 2006 ~ 2 Comments

Spag & Lights

So I haven’t been able to post lately because i’ve pretty much been buried with Christmas Eve and, of course, life.  But I’ll try and throw up a couple quickies in the next few days…do some catchin up.

Last night our life group had a night out.  We started with 22 of us at spaghetti factory in Newport Beach and then cruised out to look at Christmas lights in Huntington.  It was kinda a tradition from Kol Community/Church, where I was before Revolution. 

Unfortunately we had trouble finding where the lighted neighborhood was, so by the time we got there (around 10pm) a lot of the houses had turned off.  But we had a blast hangin together!  Here’s some pics and the requested "video shout out" (posted by my wife…don’t believe her when she says you didn’t miss much) to Jamie.  We missed you!




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