16 February 2010 ~ 3 Comments


Allow me to briefly share with you the highlight of my week at Recreate.
Soon after I’ll fill you in on more of the week.

Today is the release date for an album called Beautiful Things from a band called Gungor.
Formerly Michael Gungor Band.

Truth is, I wasn’t really looking all that forward to Gungor.
No good reason.  Only I knew he had helped write Friend Of God, and I shared a few weeks ago about my love for that song.
Didn’t really know much else about him.
Now I know that he is possibly the best musician in Christian music out there right now.
(I know some would say that doesn’t mean much, but he’s better than most secular artists too, if that helps.)

The concert would be better referred to as an experience.
There was media that went with it, a 10 piece band including a cello, violins, a xylophone, and a freaking keytar of all things!
It was written in 2 movements – dust and breath.
I was quickly immersed in this spiritual musical experience that absolutely blew me, and everyone else in the room, away.
At one point, they were playing and I remember feeling so raptured by the beauty of the music and emotion and I looked around to see hands in the air and tears on faces around me.
Mind you this was during a long stretch of purely instrumental music – no words.
It’s been a while since I’ve seen music in and of itself effect people in such a way in the culture we live in.
Chris Vacher wrote a great post about the experience over here.

Real quick, let me invite you to check out 2 videos.
The first one below is them sharing about their new album and the experience.
Right below that is a little video I put together from Recreate.  The first 6 minutes or so are the start of their performance.  Then, there is a clip from Kim who was sitting next to me of the last minute.
You gotta love all the heads bobbing in unison at 7:05.

The video doesn’t even begin to do it justice.
But at least it gives you a small sense of how we responded that afternoon.

I highly recommend that you go buy that album now.

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