08 February 2010 ~ 3 Comments

Recreate ’10 Begins

I flew in to Nashville airport at 3:35pm and my week at Recreate has begun.
Only in Nashville would you pass by 2 live music venues in the airport.
My friend Mark picked me up and we made our way over to Puckett’s Grocery for the opening evening, arriving a bit early.

After we arrived, we found that there was a massage chair and some free massages.
I grabbed a good front and center seat at a dinner table for the evenings music and settled in for my rub down.

As people started showed up we all started mingling.
As I twittered earlier, any week that begins with a massage and a pint of beer promises to be a really great week!
I wasn’t able to come last year.  It was SO great to see so many of these people again.
It’s amazing how from just this one week in a couple of past years you really get to know these peeps and it was so refreshing to say hey and to catch up with them.  There is this instant camaraderie you have as Recreators.
Tonight was sponsored by Compassion, so we had some great food and alongside Spence Smith, Dan Perkins shared some about their churches trip to Togo.

After an amazing meal and dessert, Amy Grant opened us up with a small concert.

Now I have to admit, Rachel is the Amy Grant fan of the family.  Me, not so much.  Was just kinda before my time.
But truth be told, she has been pretty amazing the 2 times I’ve seen her here at Recreate.
She’s done a pretty good job of keeping her sound pretty recent.  And also, there is a depth to her songs and lyrics that I appreciate that I don’t feel as much in the old school stuff.  Unfortunately, I think that has probably come from some painful life experiences and being open and authentic with some of that, but I guess that is how God refines us most of the time.

Here’s a couple vids of her playing:

And of course, in a room full of worship pastors, everyone started singing along with this classic…

And in honor of Rachel, I did have to get a pic with Amy to bring home..

I told her that my wife was a big fan.
I think she kinda thought I was a kook.

Finally, this is what was going on outside as we were enjoying the night…

Apparently, they aren’t so used to snow on the roads here.
But this CA boy enjoyed it!

Now to get some sleep to be ready for all of the fun that awaits us tomorrow!

3 Responses to “Recreate ’10 Begins”

  1. bobby 11 February 2010 at 6:12 am Permalink

    I’m gonna take a wild guess that you got here from the fan thread at AmyGrant.com? ;)

  2. Alan Carver 10 February 2010 at 11:41 pm Permalink

    Amy Grant is old school. You have that right boy! Amy is why so many of today’s CCM artists even have a career. So when you say old school – you nailed it!

    Musically Amy is still as relevant as she was from the very beginning. And while life experiences is what keeps music fresh, from the very start, Amy has never once glossed over life’s hard times. Even with HIM or HOL, their were a couple of songs on there talking about faith and life and love and loss. All of the things that we all experience while on this earth.

    And the snow! It is amazing to think that just a few weeks ago it was 85 degrees in Sunny Orlando Florida and Amy was wear short sleeves!
    Funny to see her all bundled up in her coat and scarf!

  3. justin 9 February 2010 at 9:48 am Permalink

    dang son. i am so bummed i had not heard about this – and i am a local nashvillian. ah. anyway – wishing you guys all the best!

    blessings, grace, and peace!

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