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31 August 2007 ~ 3 Comments

Summer At The Office

My wife is a big Office fan now.  I watch it on occasion with her, but do really enjoy it.  It starts again soon.  But before you watch, find out what the Dunder Mifflin folks were up to all summer.

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31 August 2007 ~ 3 Comments

Do Females Fart?

So, today will be a busy day of getting everything I can done so I can take tomorrow off to hang out with some of our closest friends, who are coming up to visit us this weekend.  Will, Charlie and Bridget, and Stephen, Stephanie, Kaelyn (3) and Kaden (3 mo.) will be trickling in today […]

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17 August 2007 ~ 3 Comments

MJ’s Ethnic Evolution

Keep in mind, Michael Jackson truly is my favorite entertainer of all time.  The greatest. He started out black…then white… And now…Indian?(RSS readers, come check out the video): That was just painful to watch.  Yet strangely hilarious at the same time.How could they do that?  Or worse yet, how do they take it seriously?  Ouch. […]

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07 June 2007 ~ 4 Comments

You Thought Benny Hinn Was Bad…

…check out his wife!

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22 May 2007 ~ 4 Comments

Christian Pizza

Seems like nowadays everything is being turned "Christian" and then marketed to the Christian subculture.  You can go to your local Christian Book Store and get testamints, with a scripture on every wrapper and allowing you to have good breath while you share the good news.  Even Christian items have become over marketed at times.  […]

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03 May 2007 ~ 2 Comments

Don’t Hassel the “Hoff”

Seriously though, at what point do you hit such a low that this is what you have to do to keep your career alive?  And he used to be so cool as Michael Knight.  What happened?

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21 April 2007 ~ 3 Comments

Blogging: Upping The Ante

***WARNING/DISCLAIMER:  You’ll notice that I catgorized this post under humor.  After talking with several people, I discovered that the story isn’t quite outlandish enough to realize that it’s satire.  It’s a joke.  Now, read and laugh a little. Blogging.  A place to be authentic and share my life with you.  Here’s the next step.  All […]

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03 March 2007 ~ 1 Comment


Today Rachels parents were in town for her cousins volleyball tournament.  We went with them to see some games, and did some hangin at the house throughout the day. Our roommates three-year-old daughter, Kaelyn Corns, came out to join the fun with her keyboard to play with.  Rachel’s dad taught her everything she needs to […]

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18 January 2007 ~ 0 Comments


Here’s the video we showed this past weekend when announcing baptisms.  It’s been making the rounds on the internet…I’ve seen it on several blogs recently.  Check it out: So yeah, we’re having baptisms this next Sunday, and there’s still time to sign up for the baptism class on Saturday!!  C’mon, jump in! 

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17 January 2007 ~ 0 Comments

AT&T Is Back

Check out this video of Stephen Colbert explaining the new AT&T name change of Cingular wireless and the amazing success of the U.S. anti-trust efforts: (HT: CreativeProcrastination)

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