31 August 2007 ~ 3 Comments

Do Females Fart?

So, today will be a busy day of getting everything I can done so I can take tomorrow off to hang out with some of our closest friends, who are coming up to visit us this weekend.  Will, Charlie and Bridget, and Stephen, Stephanie, Kaelyn (3) and Kaden (3 mo.) will be trickling in today and tomorrow for a fun filled Labor Day weekend.

But that’s beside the point.  There are a number of YouTube videos that I have recently seen and enjoyed that are well worth seeing.  So today will be all videos Friday.  Throughout the day I’ll have my computer posting videos (which means you’ll need to swing over here from your RSS feeders!) to give you some small quick distractions throughout the day as I get stuff done.  Some will be funny, others perhaps inspiring.

So to start us off, an unaired episode of Myth Busters that my wife showed me yesterday.  They explore the myth that attractive women don’t pass gas.  Check it out!

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