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28 May 2009 ~ 9 Comments

Gay Marriage In California – The Solution

A few days ago the California supreme court voted to uphold prop 8.After a lull of silence, the Facebook posts about gay marriage began reappearing, and the protests in downtown Santa Cruz commenced. Truth is, I'm not real passionate about either side of the argument on this one, which pretty much pisses off both sides.I […]

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04 December 2008 ~ 1 Comment

Cancer Sucks

I've said for a while now that there are two things that I pretty much hate the existence of today.Divorce and cancer.  I've seen friends and family seriously thrashed by both, and I believe they grieve God. Some of you may have already heard the story about Randy Miller, the drummer for a band called […]

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05 November 2008 ~ 4 Comments

Reflections On Election 08

I kinda try to keep my politics fairly close to the vest around here. I’m too opinionated. I always end up ticking someone off. And I learned years ago that it wasn’t worth it for me. I still can’t help it sometimes. But now I figure, it can’t hurt since the voting is over, right?  […]

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04 November 2008 ~ 2 Comments

Obama V McCain: Dance Off!

Dude, this is awesome! HT: JR Woodward Enjoy your voting today y'all.  Vote, then take the day off going around town getting all your free food! StarbucksKrispy KremeBen & Jerry'sDairy QueenWoodstocks!!

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01 October 2008 ~ 3 Comments

Bail Out?

Many conversations lately seem to center around politics and specifically the current economic issue.  So if y’all are talking about it around the water cooler, might as well weigh in with some thoughts at my proverbial water cooler.  Having not participated in a while, this post is a part of Watercooler Wednesday at Ethos this […]

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29 August 2008 ~ 6 Comments

Prayer At The DNC

Alright, time for a participatory post.  Get ready to comment. This past week at the Democratic National Convention, there were two prayers given from the stage by prominent Christian personalities.  First in the opening by Donald Miller, and then at the closing, by Joel Hunter.  Take a few minutes to watch both prayers below: Now […]

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07 June 2008 ~ 17 Comments

Same Sex Marriage – This Christians Response

Also in the Santa Cruz news yesterday, Santa Cruz started taking appointments for same sex marriages starting June 17th. And of course the response was huge. Now I’ve been thinking about weighing in on this whole issue, but withheld.  Here’s an excuse to go ahead now with a nice controversial blog post. This has been […]

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06 June 2008 ~ 0 Comments

A Letter To USCS Protesters For AFSCME Workers

Dear UCSC AFSCME protesters, I am a member of the local community here in Santa Cruz. My wife called me to find out what was going on on Friday June 6th, 2008 at the corner of Mission and Bay.  I was at my computer.  She was trying to get to Longs with our son, but […]

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30 April 2008 ~ 0 Comments


Go watch this video.Then, regardless of your political, religious, or social opinions, just be thankful for what you have.That’s all.Have a nice day. HT: Daun Slauson

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12 February 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Uganda Story #1: Ragamuffin Adoption

So I said I’d try and post stories that touch me throughout the week from the Ugandaliers, but there’s no way I can share all the stories that hit home.  It’s only been a day and there’s already a bunch.  But here’s one. It comes from a guy I’ve gotten to know a little there […]

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