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Uganda Story #1: Ragamuffin Adoption

So I said I’d try and post stories that touch me throughout the week from the Ugandaliers, but there’s no way I can share all the stories that hit home.  It’s only been a day and there’s already a bunch.  But here’s one.

It comes from a guy I’ve gotten to know a little there and consider a friend, Carlos Whittaker.  Many of read his blog, but some do not.  If not, be sure to swing by his site after you read this here and give him some love as he is a bit of a stat ho.  Of course maybe I should be too, since that helped get him to Uganda.  Hehe…anyway. 

Before you read, you should know that last year he and his wife adopted a child from Korea.  His name is Losiah.  From his blog:


Butewas is in the Houston Rockets jersey to my right.

Me – “This is my son Losiah.”
Him – “That is your son?”
Me – “Yes”

I could see his confusion.

Me – “Do you know what it means to adopt?”

His eyes lit up.

Him – “YES”
Me – “I adopted Losiah because his mother could not care for him”
long pause…
Him – “Do you think you can adopt me?”

Wow!  Not gonna lie.  The first time I read that my eyes totally teared up.  Someday, Rachel and I look forward to adopting a child.  Maybe from the U.S.  Maybe from overseas.  Who knows.  But what a vivid reminder of the things so many of us have that we take for granted, while there are children across the world that are starving for love and affection from a parental figure.

You may not be able to bring em over right now, but you sure can sponsor em and make a huge difference in their lives with a small amount of money per month.

There’s a lot more coming I think.  Go follow this crew.  And link to them.  Tell others.  Let’s help em get these kids sponsored!

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