05 November 2008 ~ 4 Comments

Reflections On Election 08

I kinda try to keep my politics fairly close to the vest around here.
I’m too opinionated.
I always end up ticking someone off.
And I learned years ago that it wasn’t worth it for me.
I still can’t help it sometimes.
But now I figure, it can’t hurt since the voting is over, right?  (Famous last words?)
Besides, I’m sure everyone else is blogging about it, too.
Might as well join the pack!

I doubt I keep it close enough to the vest for you not to know that my guy didn’t win.
Then again, both of them had some major weaknesses I wasn’t excited about.
But I’ve been saying for weeks that whoever wins will do fine.
I’ve been saying that I don’t believe one president can single handedly ruin us.
I’ve been saying God is in control.
Then Obama won.


Mixed feelings.
Huge day for us. First African-American president.  That truly is awesome and historic.
Although I was also disappointed earlier in the day reading about people who outright said they voted for Obama only cause they were excited to see an African-American president.  Is that really a sign that we have become color-blind?
But again, the fact that he is leader of the free world is very exciting only a generation away from the civil rights movement.
In that respect, I’m stoked.

But then the fear started to get in.
I let Facebook statuses and people’s opinions/fear tactics get in my head for an hour or two.
What will happen to our country?
What sort of massive mistake have we made?

Honestly, I know I’m in the minority, but I feel like W. has gotten a pretty unfair bad wrap.
And I’ve been irritated for several years now with the way people have attacked him.
That it has become OK to attack him personally completely outside of the issues.
Even cool to do so.

Now it’s my turn to practice what I preach and be on the other side.
I don’t believe any candidate can destroy what this country has built.
I will choose to be optimistic and hope for the best.
I will pray for our leader and do my best to get behind him.  That doesn’t mean I’ll agree always, but I’ll recognize him as the leader we have chosen.
And I’ll pray that he really can do some of the good things hes said he can.

And above all, whether it’s someone I voted for or not in office, I’ll keep in mind that I’m a citizen of the Kingdom of God before the kingdom of America.
I am optimistic, and excited for the future.

Of course you do have to admit, this is a pretty heavy blow for SNL.

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