28 May 2009 ~ 9 Comments

Gay Marriage In California – The Solution

A few days ago the California supreme court voted to uphold prop 8.
After a lull of silence, the Facebook posts about gay marriage began reappearing, and the protests in downtown Santa Cruz commenced.

Truth is, I'm not real passionate about either side of the argument on this one, which pretty much pisses off both sides.
I am, however, very passionate about marriage.
About the sacredness of the institution.

So I have my vote on the solution.
Get rid of marriage as we know it all together.
Hold on.  Let me explain.

The church argument has been that God's view of marriage is between a man and a woman.
I agree.
Well, actually, let me take it a bit further.
Marriage is between a man and a woman who love Jesus and are entering into a covenant in the sight of God, into a relationship that brings about holiness more that happiness, and living out a sacrament that is God's example to the world of the relationship Jesus has with His church.
Uh oh.
By that definition, we really shouldn't allow atheists to be married either.

The argument being made is that we need to protect marriage.
I agree.
But we lost a lot of ground there the moment marriage became a legal, binding contract managed by the government.
So the answer, let's protect marriage by giving it back to institutions of faith.
The state of California simply issues civil unions.  As I believe they already do for homosexual couples.  Except the legal ramifications are the same for whoever it is.

Then, if a couple wants to be married, that is an issue to be taken up at the church.
Am I oversimplifying the argument?
But I think you get the point.
In most cases, we lost the battle for marriage a long time ago, and I question how we can really salvage it completely as long as it is a government institution.

I say this every time I do this.
I don't usually like to get political here.
But I guess this is kinda a big deal in my state right now.
And it's been on my mind.

I doubt it will ever happen, but there's an idea for ya.
Now don't be shy.

P.S. – This is a view shared by Ryan Lipert and I over several coffees.  So if you hate the idea, be sure to comment on his blog too.  I'm sure he probably came up with it…if you don't like it that is.  ;)

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