11 March 2009 ~ 5 Comments

My Secret Thug Life

Saturday morning, my brother-in-law Joel was in Santa Cruz to take some pictures of the boys and of our families.  There will definitely be a post with some of those when I get them all, but he posted a few to start out on his blog.  Also check out his business website for him and his business partner Kenny.  If you’re in SoCal and need family pics, I highly recommend them.

Along with the kids photos, Joel posted a couple shots he took of me.  I liked how they came out and promptly decided to use this one for my Facebook profile pic:

Picture 7

The feedback?  My half-brother Kevin said I need a teardrop and tattoos on my arm, my mom said I needed San Quentin printed across my shirt, and even Rachel’s cousin asked on Joel’s blog who the hard core convict is in the pictures.

I guess when you’re as tough looking as myself, it’s hard not to look menacing.
So as not to disappoint, after a little Photoshop fun, and per Kevin’s suggestions, here I am sporting the new body art.


The look is kinda growing on me.
Should I get started with the sleeves or the teardrops?

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