24 August 2005 ~ 1 Comment

Pastor’s Conference

We’ve been back in Tenali for the past few days and wow is it refreshing.  We even have ac in our rooms!!  It’s crazy the things you take for granted until you don’t have it…like real toilets (we have one of those now, too)!  I got the opportunity to open up with the first message for the pastor’s conference we are hosting.  There were about 200 or so there for the first session and probably 400 there now.  Dave and I decided on the messages at about 1 am and I was up at 10:30, so it was a bit of a stretch, but it was a blast and God worked.

Leave it up to Revolution Church to get Indian pastors out of every comfort zone you can imagine.  At the end of the teaching we had them get into small groups to discuss some questions – think life group.  They sat there like deer in headlights for a few minutes, but once they got goin it was great.  Some of them then came up and shared about God calling them to ministry and it was pretty wild to hear these pastors stories just a little bit.
I teach one more time and that’s tonight.  I’m teaching on persevering through trials from James 1:1-4.  These pastors know trials way beyond anything we ever experience in the U.S.  Just by accepting Christ here you drop to the lowest caste and are often looked down upon by society.  I just pray that God will use me to encourage them in something they probably understand more than any of us ever will.

It has been a blast to see them worship at the conference!  Last night we come in as they’re worshipping and there is a group of pastors dancing in front of the platform.  It was hot and sticky, but before you know it, Hutton was down there dancin up a storm with em!  You’d have been proud of him Beth…he’s got some moves! ;)  This morning Dave Sloan and then Chris Hoff ended up down there dancing so I went down to get a picture of Hoff.  Before I knew it, they grabbed me and there I was dancin for Jesus.  We had a great time celebrating together.  I hope that one thing I can bring back with me is that heart for celebrating and being "undignified" through my body and my spirit for Christ.  No matter what sort of tribulations and challenges these pastors are going through there is such a joy in their lives as a result of the life they have in Jesus.  I want more of that in my daily life.  I want more of that in my daily worship.

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