06 September 2005 ~ 1 Comment

India Learnings

Well, I think I spoke a little too quick on trying to bypass that jetlag.  After getting home I don’t think I really slept well for about a week.  Life is finally kinda back to normal…at least as normal as it gets.  I’m really not one to spend a lot of time processing something after the fact, so I’ve made a conscious effort to try and spend some time reflecting on India.  I guess it helps when lots of people are interested to hear about the trip and ask about it.  I tend to do most of my processing in the midst of an experience, so most of my learnings are what I heard from God during those two weeks in India.  During that time, it was the closest I’ve felt to God for a long time.  I said in my last post that I was going to post those learnings, so here they are (in no real particular order):

  • Plant a church built on a foundation of a heart for missions
  • There are lots of poor and needy in the city of Long Beach where I can make a difference daily
  • Slow down a bit…enjoy life more
  • There is a lot of work still to be done in India
  • Start exercising and take better care of myself
  • Set aside more intentional time to be close to God
  • Set aside more time to spend with Rachel
  • The name of Jesus has a lot of power…use that power and live in it’s fullness more often
  • God has blessed you with a lot materially compared to most of the world…now use it to bless others
  • Keep God’s call and vision for my life in front of me constantly in order to stay on course

Interesting that only a few of those are really directly related to India.  A lot of them are things that I believe God has been wanting me to hear, but getting away and being more sensitive to His Spirit allowed me to hear it more clearly.  Tonight I got to share those learnings with my life group and it was a blast.  Sharing them with others has helped me to remember them and be more focused on them.  It was just fun to be able to share some of my experiences with people I care about.  I didn’t realize till I started sharing that I could probably sit and share about my experiences in India for hours on end.  Any volunteers?

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