29 March 2006 ~ 0 Comments

Still Fasting?

Ok, so no, I’m not still fasting from the internet.  Unfortunately, the posts have been a little bit sparse due to some internet issues both at home as well as at work.  The office is working now, but it looks like I won’t have any web access from home til we move, which hopefully be in a month or so.  (Another bedroom for the new family member would be nice)  Speaking of the fast, though, I never did get a chance to share much about my experience yet.  I won’t share a ton, but there were definitely a few learnings worth sharing.

  • I noticed I do a lot of work related stuff.  It helped that it was a busy week at work, but some things were less difficult due to the amount of usage because of work (ie. phone and internet)
  • I can go a whole week without checking blogs.  And I didn’t even feel cut off from the world completely.  However, I did have quite the blog roll to catch up on!  A bit overwhelming!  And I will continue to blog and read.
  • It was really nice not watching TV for a week.  I think this is the one that had the most impact on me.  I’ve been spending quite a bit of time weekly watching various shows, and that is gonna change.  I waste a lot of time there.  The only shows I’m really gonna stick to are LOST and 24. (Even at that, though, I still haven’t watched this weeks 24…that’s huge for me!)  It looks like we will probably say goodbye to the dish and DVR when we move, too.  Another big step, taken both for time reasons and money.
  • Finally, I need to spend more time reading!  It was so great to bury myself in some books outside of school work during the fast.  I read through 2 books of the Bible, plus a full book I got after seeing it advertised on inBubbleWrap.

So those were some great observations and learnings for me.  In addition to those things, I have to admit that I really did feel more connected to God.  I felt at the end like I was really getting some good vision from God in regards to the future of ministry here, and I’m excited to see things happen.  I look forward to staying just as connected to God after the fast as I was during it, with a little discipline.

How about others in my Life Group?  Others who randomly joined us?  Others from our church who fasted from other things that week?  I’d love to hear how it went for you.  Leave a comment.  Share a quick story of how God worked or what you learned.

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