31 January 2008 ~ 1 Comment

Destination: Franklin, TN


A few months ago I was at a "First Impressions" workshop.  Just before that, I had a morning gathering with our CLC host teams.  At both of those gatherings, one of the questions we discussed was: When was a time that your expectations were exceeded?  You see, when our expectations are exceeded, whether it be at a restaurant, a customer service phone call, or a church, we tell our friends about it, and from that point on, all other experiences are measured by that one.

The one that came to mind immediately every time was this conference.  It put all other "conferences" to shame.  Especially the food, which I can’t stop talking about.  I attended last year for the first time one year ago, thanks to being informed by this blog.  (Read about it here.)  And ever since I left I couldn’t wait to go back this year.  I even asked about the possibility of me being able to attend when I was in the interview process at CLC.

3 more days.
Then I’ll be on a red eye to TN.
With my wife this time.
I can’t wait.
And either you will be there, or you’ll wish you were.
That’s all.

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