31 January 2008 ~ 6 Comments

My Worship Revolution Gets Political


So I’ve mentioned in the past that I seldom put any political posts on this blog.  Not cause I’m not opinionated, just have to care a whole lot more than I do to give people another reason to dislike me.  But hey…it’s an election year!

And I’m kinda curious what the readers of this blog think. SO…in the left sidebar, I’ve added a little presidential polling box.  Go for it.  Let us know who you support.  I’m curious to see how diverse, or not, the views of this community are.

So everyone participate now.
RSS readers, make a rare stop over and make a quick pick.
The more participants, the more fun/interesting.
Why not?  It’s all anonymous. 
And if you wanna be less anonymous (I know plenty of you aren’t exactly shy)…make your click and then let us know why.

Oh, and as for me you ask…still undecided.  I admit it, I’m a Republican.  And yeah, that’s probably how I’ll vote.  But haven’t figured out who to pull for yet.  Just know I’m ANTI-Hillary.
Maybe I should start by registering to vote now that I’m in a new county.  So much for having my say in the primaries.  Oops.

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