04 July 2015 ~ 2 Comments

Creating Space To Connect

About a month ago we finished working through a book a called Space For God.
By “we” I refer to our faith family, Missio Dei Community.
We talked about creating space to hear from God and converse with him. We tried some new prayer practices and created our own plans as to how we were going to intentionally engage with God for the next month or 2.

As soon as that ended, life got nuts for me. Already, I had started rehearsals for Schoolhouse Rock, Live! which I am performing in at Cabrillo Stage. I had a week off from that when I traveled to San Diego to direct an Improv comedy festival for CYT. As all that was in process I agreed to co-direct Shrek Jr. for CYT Santa Cruz.  So last weekend was full days of rehearsing for Schoolhouse, and production meetings for Shrek in the evening, then for the past week I have spent all day directing at CYT Santa Cruz and then going straight to rehearsal.  It’s been a stupid schedule. All that in addition to trying to lead and think vision for the fall for Missio Dei. (So thankful for great leaders like Katie Garcia who led the charge on last weekends service project that I couldn’t make.)

Now I don’t share all this to whine. (Although I may be doing that a little.)
Unfortunately, when things get really busy, the reality is that the first thing to disappear is time spent centering myself and listening for/being aware of God’s presence. Time that I need in order to carry his peace with me into the chaos.
Today I have the day off.  I decided to intentionally lay low cause I’ve been having some throat and respiratory issues that need to heal up quick.
This morning I took some time for silence and reflection.  It was refreshing. And a reminder that even 5 minutes in the day to have some intentional silence can make all the difference.
It’s too bad that often the most important things are the things sacrificed when tasks and relationships – even really good ones – start to press in.
It’s not that I don’t have the time. It’s that I don’t fight for it and create the space.
Good reminders heading into the week before opening night.

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