15 December 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Improv – World’s Worst…

Every Thursday for the next couple months I’m teaching an Improv class for CYT.
Basically I get to laugh, have fun, and play improv games with 25 13-18 year olds every week.
This class serves as an audition for the Improvathon team, which I will most likely be coaching in the Spring.  Then we get to go to San Diego in the summer to compete against teams from other CYT’s across the country.

So it occurred to me as I was getting ready today to include you in the class every so often to keep it interesting.
Today we’re talking about creating a character.
One of the exercises I will do with them is Worlds Worst… (you may have seen a version of this on Who’s Line Is It Anyway and that should hopefully help a little).

So here’s where you come in.
Leave me a suggestion of a verb, hobby, or profession.  They then have to act out a character that is the world’s worst example of said whatever.
Remember, they are 13-18.  So keep it clean. ;)
I’ve got a coulpe hours, so ready…go! 






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