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25 May 2013 ~ 0 Comments


Last month we had a great conversation about art & faith.  I posted a recap over here on our church blog. Tonight we’re getting together to talk about resting. Sabbath. Or as I like to say, creating margin in our lives. Ever seen a paper that looks anything like this? Margin is the white space […]

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14 May 2013 ~ 1 Comment

Things Are Looking Up…Kinda

Pride goes before destruction,     and haughtiness before a fall. -Proverbs 16:18 Confession time.  I used to think I was pretty awesome. Maybe it’s being on stage and having an audience. Or maybe my mom just told me I was wonderful too much growing up. At any rate, I was pretty sure I could do anything. […]

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06 May 2013 ~ 3 Comments

Blog Zombie

Facebook killed the blogger star. I used to have a blog. I guess technically I still do, but for all practical purposes…I don’t. I’ve been pondering this lately. And I think for myself, Facebook really has had a lot to do with that. Sure, there are other excuses.  I’m in a season of life where […]

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