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16 August 2006 ~ 1 Comment

Jackson James

OK friends, so I’m way late on this, but it still very desrving of a post.  Big congrats to Beth and Mike Hutton who welcomed Jackson James to their family on July 25th.  (I told you I was way behind!) Get ready, cause I think this is the beginning of a long string of these […]

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11 August 2006 ~ 1 Comment

4X4 Mini Golf Tournament

Last night was date #2 of our 4X4 group.  This was mine and Rachel’s date to plan, so we decided on a little family fun at Boomer’s in Fountain Valley.  Unfortunately Richie and Selena couldn’t make it, so there were only 3 couples.  We started with a little miniature golf competition…every couple for themselves.  Below […]

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18 July 2006 ~ 6 Comments

4X4 Adventure

Ok, so this post actually has nothing to do with off roading or my Jeep that was totaled which is in the picture.  It just made me think about my old Jeep and I wanted to tell you all how much I still miss her. Anyway, so what is 4X4?  It was started earlier this […]

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07 July 2006 ~ 1 Comment


A few big events from this past week that are well worth a big congratulations to a few good friends: Andrew San Nicolas and Amanda Neal  – Engaged 07.02.2006. They both go to our church.  If you don’t know them, they come from Cal State Long Beach; Andrew is involved with setup Sunday mornings and […]

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05 July 2006 ~ 2 Comments

Independence Day ’06

Fun day yesterday taking the day off and celebrating the fourth with friends and family.  In the morning we went to the Matulich home in Long Beach where Sarah and Bob have hosted a parade for the past 21 years.  All the neighborhood kids decorate their bikes, families sit on their lawns and wait for […]

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26 June 2006 ~ 0 Comments

Life Group Bonfire

This past Saturday we got together for our life group bonfire.  It was actually a gathering of three life groups that have multiplied out of a group that started in our condo in downtown Long Beach. We probably had 15 or so people come out and we had a blast throwing the football, making s’mores, […]

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10 March 2006 ~ 2 Comments

Lady Video

Thought I’d go ahead and post this real quick before going to bed . Many of you here know our newest staff member, our "right reverend of failities" Mr. Charlie Garrison. Well, for a good laugh at the end of your stressful work week, take about 5 minutes out of your day and click on […]

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03 March 2006 ~ 5 Comments

I’ve Been Tagged!

That’s right. Trotter tagged me in this "four times eight" thing. So here it goes: Four Jobs I’ve Had: Lifeguard (Soak City – White Water Canyon when I worked there) Waiter (Marie Callender’s) Page (CBS) Performer (Disneyland) Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over: Braveheart Rat Race Pirates of the Carribean Tap – (Sammy […]

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17 January 2006 ~ 0 Comments

Adam Rose Band – Live

Hey everyone!  Just wanted to let everyone know that Adam Rose and his band are playing this Thursday night at Aura Night Club in Studio City at 8:30 P.M.  You do have to be 18 or older to get in (sorry kids).  Click here to get in for $8, otherwise I think it’s $10 at […]

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