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Help Us Name Our Child

Thought I’d embed a poll here to see what name you all think we should decide on for our boy who should be arriving in the near future.

Right now we have 2 very similar options.  Having a meaning behind it is kinda important to me.  Here’s the story on Caleb.  And now the names we’re tossin around:

OPTION 1: Micah Robert
Micah (MY – CUH) – A prophet with a book named after him in the Old Testament.  Hebrew root meaning, “Who is like God?” or simply, “One who is like God.”  He was a prophet who called out the injustices of the rich and was a fervent advocate for social justice.  Great verse from Micah 6:8 where he says to “do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.”

OPTION 2: Micaiah Robert
Micaiah (MI – KYE – UH) – Also a prophet in the Old Testament, but not quite popular enough to get a whole book.  Micah is actually the contracted form of this name, so same meaning.  You can check him out in 2 Chronicles 18 (and 1 Kings 22).  He would not lie and gave a negative prophecy to King Ahab.  After it came true and Ahab died in battle, holmes was tossed in jail.  I kinda dig that the name is a bit more unique than Micah.

OPTION 3: Ladanian Gwynn
Yeah, I had to throw that one in just for fun.  Came out o our conversation in a van in Mexico.  Named after the San Diego sports greats.  Can’t really go wrong there.  Then again, neither team has won a championship, so maybe I could go wrong there.  ;)

There are the options.
The poll is below.
Now weigh in.
Just remember, it’s our kid.  So regardless of what you say, I still hold total veto power.
Unfortunately I think Rachel’s veto is more powerful than mine.

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