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The Elephant In The Bedroom – Parental Advisory


It’s about to get a little warmer on this blog, y’all!  ;)

Several weeks ago I was teaching our week on the elephant in the nursery and asked for your help.
In case you missed it, this series is about family and relationship issues that we know exist, but that we don’t talk about much.
I had such a good response to that one, I thought we could do it again, just to see what you wish you had known.  Luckily, I don’t have to tackle the topic at church this week.

This week is about the elephant in the bedroom.
Yup.  You guessed it.  We’re gonna talk about the taboo s-e-x topic.
Sex (big S) as God intended it and sex (little s) as the world perceives it.

Being married for 5 years now, I would say this is a topic that is a huge elephant and that many couples are left to figure out alone because discussing frustrations, difficulties, or just questions are frowned upon or just scary.

So, married folk.  (And non-married who apply.)
I’m curious.
What do you wish you had known about sex, or questions you still have, that was/were never discussed or shared with you?
What is the proverbial “elephant” in the bedroom?
Someone just might find out that they aren’t the only ones with that question or frustration.
And hopefully I won’t regret this tomorrow.

And feel free, once again to be anonymous on this one.
Be transparent and honest, but I won’t hesitate to remove any comments that are crass just for the sake of crassness.  I’m trusting that won’t be an issue though.

On your mark, get set, share.

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