09 February 2009 ~ 3 Comments

Hotseat Post #5

OK.  Remember when I told you to ask me anything you wanted and I’d answer?
It’s been way to long since I was asked these.
I started answering them here, here, here, and here.
This week, we’re finishing em all up.  So here we go…

Steve asked: Why do you think macs are amazing machines when in reality they are overpriced and overrated?

I guess I really don’t have to answer this question, because Steve himself now owns his very own Macbook.  I knew you’d see the light Steve!  ;)

Truth is, they just run better.  I used to be an absolute Mac hater.  Decided maybe I should give it a shot finally considering the sort of creative work I was doing.  Most of the creative industry has turned to Macs.  And if that’s what you’re doing, they’re just better.

If you’re just making spreadsheets, maybe you have a case for a PC, but even then, you’re probably better off with a Mac.  If you need Windows, buy Parallels.

My friend Kimmie asked me: What is the hardest part of your job?

That was a tough one.  I thought about that one a lot.  There’s parts of my job that I just love and really aren’t that tough.  There are plenty of other parts that are really hard, some of those that I love as well, but how do I answer that question without sounding like I’m whining.

While I could probably think of a few answers, the one I would go with is probably one that is also true of many people that own their own businesses.  The hardest part of the job for me is that it is always on my mind.  I just can’t go home and leave work at work.  It’s nearly impossible to compartmentalize.  Ultimately it’s because I care so much and truly love what I do.

There are nights that I have trouble falling to sleep because I’m dreaming of the future of our ministries.  If something isn’t going well in ministry, it weighs on me even when I’m hanging out with my family.  Because I am very committed to doing ministry with my wife and kids it can easily bleed into our times together as a family.

I can’t lie.  There are times every so often that I miss the days of performing at Disney.  Go to the park, work hard for the day, and then leave to go home and forget about work.  In some ways, it made life simpler.  But in reality, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Ultimately, I love the opportunity to dream, to create, to impact lives for Jesus, and to do it as a leader in the church.

Your turn.
I wanna get to know you too.
I wanna know, what do you do and what is the hardest part of you job?

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