01 March 2005 ~ 0 Comments

The Birth Of A Blog

Well, I’ve finally decided to go
ahead and give this whole blogging thing a shot. It’s a fairly new
concept to me, and I read several others now, so I decided that it was
time to join in. So here it goes. So, why blog? I’ve decided that to
begin, this blog will have 3 primary purposes for me.

1) To Journal my own thoughts and experiences.
I’ve never been much of one to journal thoughts, feelings, or
experiences, so I thought this would be a good time and way to start.
It still seems odd to me to think to myself that someone else would
have a desire to read these things about me. But I read others all the
time and love it. So perhaps it is about being part of a community of
"bloggers" and users of the internet, and simply sharing life together.
I look forward to this aspect of blogging for my own sake of taking
time to output my thoughts as well as for the opportunity to share that
with others. I also look forward to the insight gained from all of you
(and perhaps "you" will grow numerically in time) as I travel this

2) To share my growth and learnings in the area of worship.
In a way, this could fit as a sub category of the first purpose, but I
see this specific aspect playing a much larger role in my blog. I
wanted to start a blog partially as a way to communicate consistently
with those who are part of my worship community at Revolution Church
and beyond. I want to share my learnings with my team and others, and
also hear from all of you about what God is teaching and showing you in
these areas. I hope to see people interact and respond as we figure all
of this out together.

3) To share resources and creative ideas with the larger community of worshippers out there.
One of the greatest passions God has given me is to see the gospel of
Jesus Christ communicated through the use of creativity and the arts.
At our church we do this in a number of ways; through visual art,
music, video, drama, and anything else we can manage to dream up and
pull off. I want to be able to share these thoughts, dreams, and final
products with others to use for their own purposes and to generate
other ideas in them. This has been very helpful to me as I have read
other great blogs, some of which I have added links to. I also want
this to be a place where others can direct myself and whoever may be
following along toward other resources and ideas.

there you have it. Those are my thoughts as I launch my very first
blog. It will be interesting to me to see how these ideas and purposes
change or remain the same as time goes on. I’m sure in some ways, these
posting and your responses will evolve into things that I never
expected. Am I the only one to feel kinda lost and unsure what to
expect as i start doing this? Just wondering. So here we go! Please
feel free to continue visiting, commenting and enjoying as I build my
site here. That’s it for now. Lates!

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