25 April 2005 ~ 1 Comment

Kol Church Closes

Before joining the team at Revolution, I was part of a small church plant called Kol Church which was led by Boomer Reiff with Brian Yoshida and Paul Taylor. Yesterday was their last day meeting as a church. All of them will now look to get plugged in at other communities. This event didn’t come as a huge surprise, but I have recognized that there is still some grieving that I do as a result. I had lots of really awesome times there and it really is sad for me to see it gone. Of course I am sttill in touch with many of those people and I plan to stay that way.

The church was started on Easter of 2003, and while it lasted only a couple years, God used it tremendously to do lots of great things. I was able to see multiple people come to Christ and truly deepen in their faith in the time I was there. I met some amazing people who have changed my life. I saw multiple people who had been involved in the ministry even before it became it’s own church be raised up by God and move off into other bodies to serve in leadership capacities. And I know that I grew a ton while I was there, too. I grew so much closer to Christ during that time and learned a lot from the leadership there. To this day, Boomer’s vision has significantly shaped much of my vision and ministry passion for my future and I am incredibly thankful for him. I believe that he is an amazing visionary with awesome dreams and I look forward to seeing God to continue to do great things through him.

It is sad anytime a church plant comes to an end. My heart goes out to their community, and I just thank God that Kol Church existed for the time that it did.

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