16 May 2005 ~ 0 Comments

Going Deeper

Last night I hung out with 13 other people from Revolution (actually one was from another church) at the home of Darrenn and Jenny Platt. It was for an event we’ve been doing called “Going Deeper.” It really hasn’t been a very highly planned and programed event like many at Revolution. We really just spread the word that it will be a night of home based worship and prayer. So that’s what we did last night.

Christian came over with his djembe and we just worshipped Jesus through songs, prayed, and took time to listen for His voice. It was such an awesome night! I wish I did stuff like this more often with people. It is always such a refreshing time and I just love worshipping God with friends in a relaxed, casual setting. No set list. No planned agenda. Just start singing and let God lead the way. My prayer for Revolution church is that more and more people would long for times of intimate worship with Jesus and create atmosphere’s like this on a regular basis. That more and more people would show up at these night in a desire to know God better.

For me it was a much needed night of filling from God’s spirit. Afterwards, my wife and I hung out for a while to watch the season finale of Survivor. I know, not connected at all to worship and prayer, but we had a blast watching with Dave, the Platt’s, and some of their friends. I was pulling for Ian, but oh well. Tom’s cool too.

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