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So this past Friday night, Dave and I got free VIP tickets to see Creation at the Crystal Cathedral. OK, Dave got the invitation and I got to tag along. He wrote on his blog about it, so I’ll fill in a few details from my perspective.

As he shared, we spent time talking to a bunch of guys in suits at a reception before going to the Cathedral and having to wait over an hour for the show to start due to “technical difficulties.” Throughout the whole reception, before the show started, and while we were waiting for the computer to be replaced, they talked quite a bit about how amazing the show is. I wasn’t really expecting a whole lot when I went so at this point, I’m thinkin it better be really good the way they talked about it.

I think that because I wasn’t expecting a whole lot, that helped me to enjoy it even more. There were parts of the show that were amazing and incredibly professional, and then other parts here and there that were very unprofessional. The most amazing aspect was definately the Cirque Du Sole – esque aerial performers. They did a great job of tying in some really cool acts and they were very well done. Also, as I expected, the lead performers were great. This didn’t suprise me much at all knowing that they hire Equity performers.

They also used lots of large scale animal puppets – kind of Lion King – esque. Most of those were pretty cool looking. They had one OK one that was a T-rex, which was kind of cool, but didn’t look so good when it went extinct. I’m sure that’s something they’ll tighten up in the nights to come. That was one theological point that I disagreed with in the show. They inferred the creation of Dinasaurs and then their extinction followed by the rest of the animals afterwards. Personally, I would hold to a more traditional view of creation with the days in Genesis being literal 24 hour periods and puting dinosaurs on the Earth at the same time as man. Of course I recognize that they did a lot of research in creating this show, and I’m sure there are Christian scholars who hold to their interpretations. I just tend to agree with the others.

Overall it was a well done production, especially for a church, even if it is Crystal Cathedral. I’m still not sure whether or not I think it is worth the amount it costs to go, but if you are able to fork out the cash and go, it will definately be an entertaining evening. They did a great job at really engaging all your senses in the production and at least got you thinking a little.

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