18 June 2005 ~ 0 Comments

Surf and Study


This morning 11 of us met at Starbucks in Seal Beach for the surfing connecting event.  10 guys and one lone lady!  We had a good morning of hanging out and catching some waves together.  It’s been a while since i’ve been out, so I definitely need to make more time this summer to surf, even if that means early mornings which I hate.  If you enjoy surfing and you wanna join in the fun sometime, shoot an e mail over to Tim Lasch so he can let you know when it happens again.  The group usually goes out on the third Saturday of the month and meets at 8ish at Starbucks in Seal Beach.
And now it’s time to do some studying for my most recent class, Research Methods fro the Study and Teaching of Scripture.  I can tell this will be my most challenging class in the program (Vanguard SPS) yet as far as workload as well as just my own understanding of different Bible passages and methods of interpretation.  Then this evening the India team meets to have dinner with Suresh Kumar from Harvest India.  I am really looking forward to that.  Dave shared with me some more info he has learned about our plans for India this August and I am pumped about going.  I’ll be sure to share more as the details come.

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