04 July 2005 ~ 1 Comment

#9 – Partay on Independence Day

The July/August issue of Relevant magazine had an article with "10 Things to Do in the Summer of ’05." The idea is to take pictures of yourself doing all 10 with the magazine and send em in. You then get a free Relevant T shirt and, better yet, you’re entered into the chance to win a Sony PSP. There was some fun stuff on there so I said, "Hey hon," (to Rachel of course), "let’s see if we can do em all!" We already had some of the events planned, so we started today with a parade for the fourth in the Platt neighborhood!
Every year since 1985, Jenny’s parents, Bob and Sara Matulich, have a community parade in their tract in Long Beach. All the kids decorate their bikes and the fire truck even comes to lead the parade. So we joined in the festivities with the Revolution Scion. We kicked open the back and blasted patriotic music throughout the neighborhood while we cruised.  I think my ears are still ringing!


It was such a cool morning!  I’m kinda sappy like that (and I’m really patriotic), but it was just so cool to see so many people together in community for the holiday.  There must have been 100 people there in the parade and then hangin in front of the Matulich home eating and celebrating afterward.  It was such a fun morning!  This afternoon we’ll be heading out to a barbeque, and then hopefully catching some fireworks tonight.

I hope everyone’s having a great fourth!  As we check off more of our summer activities, I’ll be sure to throw em up here just for fun!

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