12 March 2009 ~ 1 Comment

Introducing…Friday’s Flava

I tried to call it Friday's Flavor, but it just didn't roll off the tongue right.  Sounded too…uptight.

Anyway, here's the deal.  Right now in my Google Reader I have 113 subscriptions. 
Some of those are "high profile" bloggers that many of you read. 
Some are personal friends who just have great writing ro interesting stories, but not much of a reader base, so you may never get to hear from them. 
Some of them are just great blogs that feed my mind on topics of leadership and/or ministry.
Almost all of them are worth your time to check out (with the exception of a few that never update and need to just be dropped off my list, or the ones whit nothing but pictures of their kids that you only care about if you know them, like I do.)

This whole blog thing is all about spreading the link love, so I thought that each week…errr…most weeks (leave some margin for error there) I will share a link to a blog that is well worth a visit.  If it grabs your attention, go by and subscribe if you see what you like.  If it doesn't, check it out anyway and never go back if it sucks.

We'll see how this goes.  If it goes well, I figure I have enough blogs in my pocket for a few years of this category.
And how I'll choose which one each week?  Who knows?
Perhaps they write something that grabs me that week.
Perhaps their life intersects with mine that week.
Perhaps I just like them and know you may not read them otherwise.
Perhaps I coupldn't decide, so I just printed out a list and threw a dart.

In any case, let the link love begin with the next post…

Oh, and who are you reading that I should try and squeeze into my RSS reader?

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