30 September 2005 ~ 5 Comments


Yes, it has been a very long time since I’ve blogged. I guess I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus without much to say. But I figured it was about time to throw something up here. So I’ll start with something kind of random.

Some of you know that I own a cat which my wife talked me into bringing home from a pet blessing event (not a joke) we were at last August with the street team. I must say I’ve never liked cats much – in fact I’ve hated them – but I just couldn’t say no with her giving me the pouty lip, the Bambricks all helping her out (thanks a lot Rick!), and it was a kinda cute baby kitten. I’ve always been a dog person and can’t wait til I can actually own one. But I must say, over the past year I’ve actually come to like Tigerlily (our cat’s name) maybe a little bit.

Point is, I saw this post on another blog, and I thought it was kind of fun, and most of it even has quie a bit of truth to it. So here’s a list of reasons that you might rather have a cat than a dog as posted by Billy Cox:

  • Cats are cleaner than I am – My cat is an indoor cat, takes care of himself, and he hasn’t needed a bath since the first Clinton presidency.
  • Having a cat prepares you for dealing with self-absorbed people – Dogs are man’s best friend because they are natural liars. You could be the BTK killer, and a dog will still act like your return home is the greatest thing since Kibbles and Bits. Cats on the other hand will wait for you to get with ‘their’ program even if you’re the Queen of England. What better way to prepare you to deal self-centered people than to own a cat?
  • Cats come in basically one size – There is only a small size variance in all the cat breeds. This means that you don’t have to settle for bad temperament just to get a small pet, and a cat will never leave ‘surprises’ the size of a toaster in the yard nor will a cat ever crowd you out of your favorite recliner (although they may try to take it while you’re up for 1-2 minutes).
  • Cats are low maintenance pets – If you can manage to keep food in a food dish, water in a water dish, and keep the ratio of litter to excrement moderately high, then you can take care of the average cat. I have taken weekend trips before and simply left plenty of food and water…and the cat did great. As smart as dogs supposedly are, they can’t do anything for themselves, unless it is figuring out how to get food trash out of a sealed trash bag.
  • Cats respect boundaries – You never see a cat tied to the side of a house or locked in a chain link enclosure. Maybe an outdoor cat will do bad things to wildlife or to a neighbors garden, but you never hear of a cat having to be put to sleep for chasing down and biting a kid. It’s also pretty easy to train an indoor cat which furniture is off limits for them. All you need is a water gun and the self-control to only use it when the cat is about to do something you don’t want it to do.
  • Cats remind us that we the world doesn’t revolve around us – If you want a reasonably intelligent pet that will keep your feet on the ground without making unreasonable demands, then a cat is the way to go.

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