04 October 2005 ~ 0 Comments

Life Church

This weekend, Rachel and I went down to Canyon Lake to visit her family.  Well, I love to visit other churches whenever I can and I know some people in the area, so I left her with her mom while I went to check out Life Church in Temecula.  I found out about them through some friends who started going there several years back and have since had the opportunity to get to know their worship pastor, Eric Beeman.
It’s always nice as a worship leader to have the opportunity to be led in worship, and Eric did a great job at leading.  I know he felt like it was an off night, but I couldn’t tell and God was doing great stuff. 

In addition to the worship itself, I always find myself getting caught up in checking out the decor, setup, and technical equipment of any church I go to.  Being that we still don’t know what kind of building we could be in a year from now (or sooner), I was interested to see how they worked in a weekly setup/teardown situation at an elementary school.  They are currently in a series called "I Don’t", a relationship series.  As you walk in the front door there were two dummies there, like the bodies you’d see in storefront windows (no heads…kinda creepy).  One had on a tux and the other a wedding dress.  Next to it was a wedding arch that you walked under, covered in Christmas lights, and a white lamp post near it.  It was a really nice touch that gave you a feel for what was going on and was manageable for a weekly setup and teardown.

They also had some nice setup with their lights for their worship time.  Finally, one of the highlights for me was probably getting to take communion.  I know it sounds odd, but communion has always been a really significant and meaningful sacrament for me, and it’s not very often that I take it at Revolution since I’m leading worship when most people take it.  they happen to do it the first weekend of the month and it was just a great time of reflection and intimacy with Jesus.
Overall it was a great experience and I came away with some refreshment as well as some idea’s to store away.  The thing that I love the most about the church is their vision and passion for church planting.  The church has been in existance for 3 years, has planted 4 other successful churches in that time (one being two blocks from where they meeting), and according to their bulletin are currently averaging about 600 people a weekend.  This obviously resonates a lot with me considering the passion God has given me for church multiplication.  It’s been fun getting to hear about how God is working there and to be in relationship with them in some way.  Great job guys…keep up the good work!

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