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Friday’s Flava #1 – Vertizontal

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So for my first week of sharing the love, I introduce any of you who don’t know him to my friend, John Voelz.

I met John over 2 years ago when I went to Recreate for the first time.  He’s one of those guys who you can be in a crowded room with and he has that personality that draws you to him and you really want to get to know him.  He pastor’s a church as a team with 2 other guys out in Michigan.  Great heart, incredibly creative, innovative thinker.  Be ready to put your thinking cap on for some of his posts.

And the reason I thought I’d start with him…he made me laugh last night with a post he put up about the similarities between LOST (he’s an avid fan) and doing his taxes.
Here were a few of my favorites:

2. Unexplained losses
4. The numbers don’t make sense
17. This is like being tortured on some level.
18. I may have to lie to save us all.
19. I am thinking about claiming a child that is not my own.
24. If I don’t enter these numbers, will the world “really” end?
36. I’m pretty sure there’s one rich guy pulling the strings.
Read more here

John, thanks for making me laugh.
The rest of you, go visit John,  And tell him I sent you.
You won’t get anything out of telling him that.  It just sounded good.

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